Sunday, March 2, 2014

How to Share Blogger New Posts on Google+ Automatically

Blogger has many option to auto promote the blogs in different ways. Now a days Google+ is going viral usage worldwide. Public is going to work & sharing their ideas on Google+ Facebook is showing down in front of Google+ public usage speed. 1st make complete profile on Google+ & then then create Page / Community on Google+ named linked by your blog name etc.....

 We are here to promote our blog on Google+ silently, so after login into the blogger, we select Google+ button from the blogger menu, after clicking on Google+ button, We set our desire page to promote our blog.

If you've no any page / community then you've to create that & then click to share your blogger posts automatically on your desire Google+ Page / Community .

In 1st picture I'd show you my Google+ profile showing in Blogger & then 2nd picture I've selected my desire page for my Blogger's Blog to share my newly posts silently on Google+ page. There is also option to use Google+ Commenting option & also promote your link on your Google+ Profile. So there is end of today tut. Have fun & don't forget to comment.
 There are other options to use Google+ to share your posts manually that after publishing any post, you may check there Edit, View, Share , Delete. Click on share & share your posts on Google+ manually.

Posted By: Makhdoom SiJJaD

How to Share Blogger New Posts on Google+ Automatically

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