Friday, December 20, 2013

How to index Website / Blog in Google very Fast

Today i'm going to share about How to Add your Website / Blog / Forum in Google in short time easily in few steps. There we use Google Webmaster tools  &  Google Analytics for indexing & search preference. Question is there that why we are going to index our website in Google or other search engine. So answer is , Search Engines are best gate way to get traffic for your website. If our site is fully indexed in search engine the it is easy to find unique & powerful content fast. Now we are going to start today topic as step by step guidence.

There you look a button name  ADD A SITE  just you have to click on that.

  • After click on that a new dialogue box will appear look like under mention picture. You have to type there your site / blog / forum name then click on Continue ...

  • After click on Continue new webpage will appear with your site link. This is just for verifying your ownership, that are you really admin of that site. So just because select any of these option like 1st one is Download This HTML Verification file. Download & upload that file to your website & given link to check to confirm your file has been uploaded or not. If upload successfully then click on Verify. There you get your info that you has been completed your verify & owner of that site.. 

  • Alternate method for Verify your Ownership. in this there are 4 methods to check verify your ownership. 
HTML Tag.            This one only give you as a meta tag to save your home page.
Domain Name Provider.  Signin in to your domain name provider for confirmation.
Google Analytics.  Yse your google Analytics Account through tracking code.
Google Tag Manager.           Use your Google Tag Manager for verifying your ownership

  • There is last method to index your site / blog / forum posts links in Google.
  • Just copy your post link after your site link & then past there to fetch as Google in different ways , like you are going to fetch as web / mobile / xml etc. 4 methods are there to fetch your site's link as google very fast. 

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How to index Website / Blog in Google very Fast


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